Nature is a balance of forces, the elements all in perfect harmony, whose energy beats in all of us. The Harmonics Collection is inspired by the elemental balance of Lake Tahoe, where I live.

Featuring turquoise and baby blue topaz set in sterling silver with 22k gold vermeil highlights, these pieces resonate with the energy of the elements. Lake Tahoe is a place where the turquoise waters meet the blue topaz sky, while silver boulders adorn the shoreline like delicate beads, balanced to perfection, highlighted by shadows to provide the perfect accent. This gorgeous collection is intended to be part of your everyday look, comfortable yet bold. Response to this collection has been enormous keeping our master artisans quite busy.

I also have a bunch of new designs in the Poseidon's Treasures collection that feature all sorts of sea life with white freshwater pearls, pink and teal topaz, aqua chalcedony and other stones that are perfect for summer.

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