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Poseidon's Treasures Collection

Far off the windswept rocks of the shoreline, farther than the reach of seabirds wing, is a place where mermaid sirens sing and Amphitrite’s dolphins play. There, beneath the touch of sun and air, through the dark of deepest waters, and past the ruins of Atlantis itself, Poseidon’s Treasure awaits amid polished stones and deep-sea creatures on the ocean floor.

Playful images of seahorse, starfish, and sand dollar are carved in perfect detail amid stones of blue labradorite, blue topaz, and white pearl. They dance on fanciful pendants and bracelets, captured in draping strands necklaces and ornate cuffs, or hung in singular pieces as simple drop earrings and curious charms.

Each whimsical piece of Poseidon’s Treasure is uniquely shaped and textured by hand, and each magical creature chiseled in relief onto silver, then further refined with hundreds of tiny gleaming granules set into the images like a thousand grains of sand melted into place over the ages.

Imagine each piece reflecting the colors of the ocean when lit by shafts of sunlight from above. Wear the pieces of Poseidon’s Treasure to connect to your own inner goddess; feel the call of the deep from the vast spirit that still lives here in the temple of the sea.

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