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Timeless Scrolls Collection

Golden tendrils extend and curl, their shoots forming luxuriant spirals coiling and recoiling around a classic design that reinvents itself in a never-ending dance.

Michou’s Timeless Scrolls collection features its signature frescoed motif in a fresh, new romantic collection that balances elegance and grace with intricate details played against the simplicity of silver and gold. The scrollwork theme adorns each distinctive piece: hoops formed into rings and linked together into chunky chain bracelets and chokers.

Extraordinary dimensional heart shapes form the dramatic centerpiece of the Timeless Scrolls Collection. On one side, gold tendrils of ivy wrap and grow around tiny buds of gold granulation against a matte silver finish. On the other side, a latticework of hammered silver scrolls protect the fragile, hollowed interior.

Michou’s Timeless Scrolls is an ongoing collection that features endless variations of a signature theme…which in turn represents the pulse of our own heart, its rhythm alternately full and empty…full and empty…playing out the complexity of each moment one heartbeat at a time.

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