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Enchanted Lace Collection

She is the weaver of finest lace; deft fingers knowing exactly where to place each intricate knot and thread. Beautiful scalloped edges in the shape of butterfly, flower, and leaf emerge from her hands, the threads renewed again and again with a life of their own. Each piece a timeless treasure, made from a timeless art. The spirit within the fine threads is so strong that some call her lace enchanted.

Michou’s Enchanted Lace is a jeweled collection that evokes the delicacy of this exquisite art form, renewed now and frozen into place with impossibly delicate threads of fine silver.

Begin with a shimmer of gossamer gold vermeil, hand-spun into strands of filigree. Then add an elusive swirl of silver lacework, delicate as a breath of wind. Anchor with the sparkle of faceted stones to create an incredibly rich silver-on-gold visual experience.

Each magical piece is handmade, trapping the filigreed layers within clever pendant shapes, linked together with gold citrine and smoky quartz to form intricate necklace patterns, ingenious bracelet designs, and charming earring sets.

Both elegant and delightfully detailed, Enchanted Lace is, quite simply, one of Michou’s most captivating collections yet.

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