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Eucalyptus Island Collection

Clean salt air, tropical surf, and pure white herons inspire Michou’s classical Eucalyptus Island collection. The fresh crispness of the eucalyptus scent plays off the heat of the sun-stroked sand near the Pacific shoreline, where bright greens and whites fuse effortlessly alongside the rolling sea.

Eucalyptus Island stirs the sense with its nostalgic romance and desire. Green peridot, white pearls, and a graceful sterling silver quilling unite the collection’s many personalities. The intense beauty of crisp tropical colors is found within “Island’s” blue topaz and purple amethyst, while the distinctive scent of “Eucalyptus” is evoked within the singular soft green of prehnite and peridot. Pieces in pure sterling silver combine pure beauty with classical simplicity making Eucalyptus Island a fresh take on one of Michou’s most adaptable collections.

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