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Kaleidoscope Collection

Clean, brilliant, and bright, Michou’s Kaleidoscope collection is a delightful tribute to the Arts & Crafts architectural style…with an unexpected twist.

The imprint of Frank Lloyd Wright is obvious in the symmetrical simplicity of this collection, with its straightforward forms of squared wire extending through clean shapes, framed mullions, and the pure transparency reminiscent of stained glass.

In distinctive Michou style, Kaleidoscope sports a riot of faceted stones hanging from beautiful geometric shapes. Within the open wire frames, a cacophony of color works together from the cool tones of African and Brazilian amethyst, blue topaz, and peridot to the warm hues of faceted orange carnelian, citrine, rhodolite garnet, orissa garnet, and deep red garnet.

The surprise? Nearly every stone hangs freely and moves on a diminutive hinged pendulum, like wind chimes of color within each shaped outline. From finger and ear to neckline and cuffed wrist, Kaleidoscope creates a fresh, linear feel finished with mirrored silver. Kaleidoscope is a collection that’s all about turning unexpected corners within a famously classic style.

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