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Cascade Tahoe Blue Collection

The Cascade Blue Tahoe collection pays tribute to the inspirational home of Michou. Words are unable to express the phenomenal beauty that one sees when gazing upon the view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains cascading into the ethereal blue waters of Lake Tahoe. Michou speaks through her jewelry creations to express what words cannot in the Cascade Tahoe Blue collection.

This collection features varying shades of Amazonite, Larimar, and blue topaz to capture the distinctive hues of blue that occur naturally in the lake. Each stone in the Cascade Tahoe Blue is mindfully and artistically placed in every piece to represent the healing energy of the clear, dazzling blue waters. The delicately hand-placed beads of sterling silver and 22K vermeil connect the stones to symbolize the natural flow and ease of life around Lake Tahoe.

Women who wear Cascade Tahoe Blue are transported to the clean, cool, healing waters of the lake that this collection embodies. Cascade Tahoe Blue collection combines the beauty and mystique of the two worlds of Michou---Lake Tahoe and Bali---into one collection. Be beckoned into the Everyday Elegance that is Michou with the Cascade Tahoe Blue collection.

The Cascade Tahoe Blue collection merchandises well with Poseidon’s Treasures, Harmonics, and Eucalyptus Island.

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