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Orbits Collection

Spinning galaxies, orbiting planets and a twinkling night sky are the inspiration for Michou’s new Orbits collection. These playful pieces are a wonderland of sparkly blacks and whites with hints of other colors. Gems like black druzy, black onyx, and ice quartz adorned with silver and gold light up the holiday season.

Sterling wire twists and turns around sparkling black druzy, shimmering like the glittering midnight sky. Trendy Solo Topaz captures the depth of the universe and places it within your reach while the hand-shaped metal dances around this unique stone. Flowing tassels amidst the spirals of silver create a playful elegance in this stunning collection. Rainbow moonstone and rhodolite garnet chase each other like celestial bodies circling the planets.

Enjoy the sophisticated elegance of Orbits any time of the year.

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